We can’t spend our lives waiting to live

I’d like to highlight a thought that I woke up with this morning. It’s lyrics from a song that were brought to my attention by a friend and her beautifully bold tattoo.

“We can’t spend our lives waiting to live”.  Rise Against

I feel so often we give excuses for why our greatest wishes are unreachable. Possibly even complaining about the current journey that’s getting us from an idea to a glorious reality. You hear comments like “I wish I could (fill in the blank) but I can’t because (fill in the blank)” or “I’m waiting until (fill in the blank) before I….”. You get the picture.

On a smaller scale, what about that dress or suit you bought and saved all year just to wear on your birthday out of town.  You had it hanging in your room, underneath a glowing light while counting down the number of days till you could show it off  (maybe not that extreme, but roll with me here).  You pack it up so nice and tidy and head to the airport. You, your friends and your excitement all arrive safely to the party-city except the bag. The airlines lost it. All that time with this amazing outfit to be shared and you (with no gaurentee of the future) waited and now… now it’s gone. 

If you truly have far future goals like writing a book, getting fit, a solid retirement, big house, travel, etc. then own it! Go for it, but enjoy the ride. However if you’re working to the bone, putting in long hours, missing family & friends, dreading Monday through Friday (which is over 70% of your life!) and doing all these things in misery with hopes that it might pay off “someday”, I suggest you reconsider your intentions.

I understand each situation has its own elements and I have no place to judge that, but for the most part… I just want to bring light to the idea that we are generally the ones that allow the limitations. How exhausting to constantly defend the “I’m stuck” routine. I’m still learning that we have created (either consciously and/or involuntarily) the numerous amounts of boundaries holding us back from enjoying today and I’ll give you one guess to whom can remove those restrictions. Times up… You know who.

I invite you to start peeling back even just one layer of self-inflicted obstruction that is limiting your grand potential. Ignite a flame that has never been lit or refuel a fire that was once raging with passion!

You shouldn’t spend your whole life waiting to live.

For a breath of fresh air or effortless smile, take a snoop at the Happy Thoughts page or Quotes. Sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded of ideas that we already know. 

4 thoughts on “We can’t spend our lives waiting to live”

  1. Erica – I remember when you were doing my hair and how you said you wanted to travel, but you were a little optimistic! But your courage grew, you gain the resources needed for your travels, and you left behind everything that was COMFORTABLE! Look at the amazing journey you have been! I think people get too comfortable and don’t like change because it is scary. If you don’t take risks you will always wonder “WHAT IF”. I have taken a new journey while raising two beautiful children and I’m starting to build confidence and succeeding my goals. I only hope that you are succeeding everything you want as you deserve it! I’m glad that I have had the chance to meet you and only wish you the best of luck in your journeys.

  2. Reminds me of the time, 32 years ago, when John told me he’d always wanted to go to Ireland. I looked at him quizzically and asked ‘what’s stopping you’? When he said ‘I don’t know, I just never thought about it’, I said we pick a date, we save the money, we plan the trip, and we go. And that’s how we’ve traveled over the years. Been to Ireland 3 times. 🙂

  3. Hi Erika… I emailed you a couple years ago after meeting your mom in FL. Periodically, I still check your blog. This last post made me smile… it’s essentially the motto of my newly born blog, and I agree whole-heartedly with your thoughts. Hopefully, more people will come to this realization! 🙂

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