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I’ve thought about descriptive words that might give you an idea of what I’m “about”, but I feel like it’s our experiences and how we react to them that truly defines who we are.

So if you would like a list of adjectives that best describe me, please refer to comments made by my family, friends, and fellow travelers.

Family Info

I have an amazing mom who is passionate about well, almost everything! She raised me to be strong minded and independent which ironically has been her biggest parenting challenge this far. I don’t have children so I can’t fully comprehend what she feels watching her “baby girl” jet around the world!

I was an only child until my father met his perfect match and they produced 6 children. Nope, not a typo. (I love you Joseph, Hannah, Benjamin, Sarah and Rachel… and always in memory, little Elizabeth). This sweet family keeps me grounded and humble.

About Erika – My life in a nutshell (whatever that means)

I grew up in what used to be the small town of Folsom California… yes, the same “Folsom Prison” that Johnny Cash sang about. Now it’s a city with traffic and too many stop lights.

My first job, that I ended up keeping for 10 years, was coaching gymnastics. When I say “coaching”, I actually mean devoting my heart and energy (and most of my waking hours) to a team of girls that grew to be a family.

During those incredible teaching years, I had a variety of part time work that included teaching swim, tutoring autistic children, massage therapy and bar tending (go figure). I then decided to go to cosmetology school, why not right? The first day of class went like this:

Instructor: “Erika, how come you didn’t wear your uniform?”

Erika: “Oh, uniform?”

Instructor: “Ok class, one by one please stand up and say what your ultimate goal is in the hair industry.” (Here is where you enter a bunch of students explaining how they want to be famous in LA or own a hair color brand or work at their parents’ shop and so on).

Erika: “Me? (awkward laugh) I really don’t want to do hair, I’m just here so I can charge for the prom girls hair I do for fun. (Enter judgmental silence here).


To spare you the past 10 years of my hair career details, I’ll just say after graduating I got a job at a local salon just for extra cash, not because I loved doing hair. Some years into it I began to truly enjoy it and eventually had enough business to open my own little studio.

“Erika’s Hair Retreat” was in service for almost 3 years and due to my loyal clients, I was able to start traveling. Short little trips became weeks of adventure that eventually developed into months abroad and finally turned into a life changing decision to close shop and head out. This is where I’m at today.

Other Fun Facts

— I enjoy learning and living a life of fitness.
— I’ve taken 4 semesters of American Sign Language.
— I splurge on sushi and sweet potato fries.
— In my opinion, I’m very athletic (excluding golf… Unless you consider launching a club into the nearest pond a sport).

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